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Daily Archives: July 10, 2016

DIY Losing Weight When you can't afford the celebrity diet plans...because cheap.

I’m a big girl. This is known. But I haven’t been big all my life. That’s my motivation for wanting to lose weight: I want to be me again.

Earlier last month, I signed my entire family up for the YMCA program.  A whole year to use their gym, pool, free fitness classes, and  discounts on any special classes. The YMCA is cool as hell. It’s just around the corner from where we live; one of the benefits to living here since our move in April. You know, outside of the fact the Ice Cream man drives by every day at the same time. Whoops.

After three back to back pregnancies, I have gained a significant amount of weight because of it. Weight that has not fallen off. I was already a thick woman, but I gained another 50lbs on top of that and have not dropped it off.

Now, I already have body issues when it comes to my appearance. I convince myself daily that I am a beautiful woman after years of childhood bullying. Now I find myself looking at the mirror and gazing not just at my face, but my entire body. Yes, I have lovely curves. I have curvy hips, a huge ass (100% certified black booty), and a decent bust size. I love my curves. I love being curvy. But I also want to be healthy and fit, too.
I’m a bit of a penny pincher—aka cheap—so when it comes to losing weight, I am in the business of DIY. I feel like that with enough motivation and desire, I want to start this off on my own. Besides, I did it before.

When I decided years back to finally learn how to care for my hair, I cut it all off and went completely natural. I researched, experimented, and learned all I could about natural hair through the Internet. It took trial and error, but I figured out how to take care of my hair. So what’s stopping me from doing the same here?
I’m going to lose weight. With a little bit of work, I want to go back to my original weight of 160lbs by the end of this year.

So how am I going to do it?

all the apps for my fitness

You know how they say there is an app for everything? They weren’t lying. This week, I downloaded various apps to my iPhone that claim to help me lose weight. For the next few months, these are the apps I am going to be trying and reviewing.





Eat This Much

Zombies Run

Pokémon GO (Listen … if I’m going to be walking, I’m going to catch Pokémon, okay?)

All these apps are either fitness diaries, walkers, or nutrition guides. Or Pokémon training…




working out at the gymimage-1
The YMCA is the best thing I have done for myself. Not only do they offer a gym and pool, but all the classes included with our year package. I can’t believe I did not take advantage of this before. I’m excited to try cycling, pool Zumba, and a few other classes that I am sure will kill me when I’m done. Step one, take all the classes.

I need to commit at least 3-4 days a week just going to the Gym to see results. Online fitness guidelines say that beginners should take it slow. You should always give their body 48-hours to recover after a workout. I think I can commit to just 3 days a week and then increase as I get better.


So far I have been pretty impressed with MyFitnessPal. It lets me add friends from Facebook, track what I’m eating, and even logs calorie intake. It works alongside Runkeeper which I intend to use for the days I decide to just go for a walk or jog. (Or Pokémon train) By logging everything, I should have a clear idea of what I am doing right and wrong. It’s pretty empty so far but I hope to have something here by the end of the next month.



Since I’m breastfeeding, I can’t go anywhere below 1500 calories, 1800 being ideal. To maintain a healthy milk flow, I have to make sure my calorie intake is around this range. The reason for that is because breastfeeding alone can burn up to 500 calories a day. Yeah! Neat, huh? It’s kind of why women lose weight while breastfeeding. So any nutritional guideline I follow has to keep in mind that I am feeding another life.

I haven’t got a clue what to do about food. I know it’s about “portion control” and calorie counting, but that’s it. So to help me with that, I’ve downloaded nutrition guides.

MakeMyPlate creates a weekly eating plan staying under a strict calorie intake per day. They create a visualization of what you will be eating that day. It creates a grocery list so you have all the items in your fridge for that week. It’s pretty neat if not a little depressing. The meals look simple and just plain boring. You know I’ve heard that dieting can be a killer to the tongue, but this is sad.

Save me.
Save me. My seasoning cabinet will get spidewebs.

Then there’s Eat This Much. This app does the same thing except you can set just how many calories you want to maintain. The food looks a little better. They even have the option to follow vegan, vegetarian, or paleo. I’m very interested in doing a paleo diet, but when they gave me this recipe I just had to say ‘nah… I’m cool.’

Nah. I'm cool. I'll just skip breakfast.
Nah. I’m cool. I’ll just skip breakfast…

I’ll use it as a guideline but I think I need to research and make a list of tasty but healthy options. I’m sure these are good and all but I am a firm believer that I need to enjoy what I am eating. Pears and bacon? Mm, no. No thank you, darling.

That leaves me with just one thing—portion control. How do I manage that? I guess it will take a bit of commitment to not overdo it. But another way to assist with that is by drinking a whole lot of—


I figured if I’m hungry, it must mean I’m thirst. I don’t know where I heard this from but I’ve been trying it more. Fill my stomach with enough water before a meal and it should help with keeping the consumption of food to a minim.

To help with the boredom of water, I’ve been drinking sparkling flavored water. It’s been a tremendous help in getting me to drink water.  I was a BIG soda fantastic and knew that if I wanted to lose any weight I had to cut it out. I realized the reason I love soda is because of the carbonation. By applying that to water, it has made the shift easy.


. . .


And that’s the plan so far. I go to the gym every other day or at least three times a week starting out and work out for 60-90 minutes. I take classes when available and eat healthy options within a certain calorie intake. Any diets I decide to try or whatever else that falls in line under Fitness. In a year, I want to have one of those before and after shots to show off to the world. Since I never tracked the growth of my pregnant belly, maybe I’ll track the change of my weight.

Someone told me that if you keep progress of your weight loss like this, it motivates you to keep going. I hope logging my progress does just that.