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Daily Archives: July 3, 2016

The Photographer: Lights, Camera, Fail

On top of being a mom, I label myself a Work at Home Mom since I’m a Photographer.

Photographer? That’s a sweet gig.

Kind of. It’s a fantastic form of art that some do as a passionate hobby and others for income. I sit somewhere in-between.

I chose Photography because it chose me.

No, really. It did.

In 2002, I was a student attending the Art Institute. I was feeling frustrated with my experience so far with the major I took up. Animation & Media Arts didn’t feel like something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. I was feeling uncertain about my future after college. One day I was wandering the school halls and came across this gorgeous picture. It was this photograph a student had taken of a couple walking in the park during autumn. Everything about it was amazing; the sharpness, the colors, and the mood all spoke to me.

“That’s it,” I said to myself. “I’m going to become a photographer.”

I was so confident of this decision that I changed my major to Photography that same day.