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Daily Archives: June 14, 2016


I did it. I got up and did the thing.

What thing?

I made this blog. This blog right here that you’re reading.

Why is that such a big deal?

Well…. my last website was back in 2007. It was my last attempt to try and keep my hobby of web design and blogging alive and it lasted all for one month. After that domain expired I was convinced it would be the last time I would ever blog.

…I guess I was wrong.

So how do I start this off? Introductions!

Hi. I’m Sabrina. 

See that picture up there? That’s me.

Yep. Me.

I’m really nothing special. Average face, big lips, large nose, and dark skin. I wear make-up when its convenient but I look like this almost everyday. That way if you ever come across me you’re not shocked by my appearance (“Oh wow, you look … different in person” said someone a long time ago when they met me for the first time).

So if you’re expecting a beautiful diva here then … no. I’m just plain ol’ me. Memorized? Good! Moving on.

  • I’m a thirty-something woman who is probably best described as weird. Really, that’s … probably a good summary of me.
  • I cut my relaxed hair and decided to rock natural since 2008. I decided it was time to appreciate my natural hair texture and have not looked back to the creamy crack since.
  • I’m married to a man who I met online and shared a common geek internet with. He traveled all the way to Michigan to start his life with me back in 2003 and we ended up getting married in  2004. He’s my best friend yada yada insert melodramatic love stuff here. No but really, I do love him.
  • I am a mother to three wonderful children although you will only see two in pictures. My first one was lost to my due to pre-eclampsia. I will always have three, but one of them is just with me in spirit.
  • I’m what they now call a blerd’. Laugh at it or oogle, but in today’s lingo it apparently means ‘black nerd’. I didn’t exactly coin it but it works for me, I guess. What that means is that I like nerdy things. From video games to Harry Potter and even my attempts at D&D, I’m a nerd. A proud one, too. Never too old. I like the name only for my blog.
  • I’m an artist. Well, I call myself one. I’ve been one since I was a little girl. It started with drawing and progressed into graphic design in high school then somehow transformed into that and Photography when I enrolled into college. So now I’m an artist and photographer.
  • I’m a millennial. A 90s kid that migrated into the millennium as an adult and continues to stumble through it. I grew up in a period with Daria, MTV Spring Break envy, Timbaland, Ruff Ryder’s, and all that jazz. I’m the demographic that you either love or hate.
  • I am a net junkie. Well, ex-net junkie. I have been a net browser since high school. The moment I discovered the world wide web back in 2000, I became addicted. I learned it all. I found Michael Jackson fans, I designed anime websites to show of my fandoms, I logged into Livejournal to whine about my life,  and I even discovered the joys of Yahoo!Chat. I was into it all back then. I’m not quite as crazed about it now as I was back then (getting time online is difficult with a toddler whipping about), but it’s been a pretty big part of my life and continues to be. I mean, this blog exists, so…

So that is me in a nutshell. Well, more of a gigantic nutshell but you get the drift.

I made this website and blog to focus on three subjects: Being a black woman, a mom, and a nerd. These three things matter most to me and will always be the highlight, purpose, and reason behind this blog. I may occasionally go off topic and ramble of other topics that matter to me but you can trust and believe I will never, ever stray from the purpose behind this blog’s existence. I’ll ramble about my natural hair journey, discuss living life as a black woman, rave or rant about mom things, and will occasional geek about a game or two. Anything that fits under those three subjects will be here. Perhaps that describes you? Perhaps it doesn’t! Maybe you can relate to one or two of the three subjects or none at all. What matters is that you’re here and you’re going to stay and read or just be on your merry way. Either way, I’m here to stay.

Okay, I’ll just be honest. I don’t know what this blog will become in the weeks or months to follow. I might change a few things or a lot. Heck, this layout might look different by morning! But one thing is for certain is I’m going to try and see it through longer than just a month like my last website.

Let’s begin.